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In this overstimulated life Véronique Jansseune tries to bend her inner restlessness to a peaceful state of mind through colors, shapes and patterns.

Feelings and impressions are at the base of her work. Véronique will translate them into their most pure essence where shapes turn into colors. These colors then start forming patterns and dimensions which repeat themselves over and over again. Out of this repetitive act a rhythmic and peaceful process follows.

The result are geometric, abstract and architectural paintings which alter between static and slow movements. Véronique paints very securely and with a great eye for detail. Her works don’t end at the physical boundaries of the pieces themselves but create a dialogue with their environment.

Painting is a way for Véronique to create peace in the daily chaotic and busy hustle of life. She hopes that the viewer can stand still just for a moment and experience that peace for themselves.

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