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Our Mission

Our Story

Virtual Vitrine facilitates artists by placing them in the spotlight they deserve.We want to see artists bloom, get the recognition, achieve business success & make meaningful connections.


We showcase meaningful art to artlovers all around, creating an inspirational community. Come and indulge your curious mind both virtual or by walking to our pop-up vitrine at Gallery Raf Van Severen.

When life gives you lemons make lemonade, when the pandemic started the whole world felt like it shut down. Physically we were confined to the smallest square meters that we could travel to in our lives while virtually the world kept buzzing globally.

Realizing that artists were disadvantaged in opportunities Maya Bogaert started brainstorming together with Raf Van Severen to offer a solution. At the gallery there is always one artwork central in the "Vitrine". Even during the first lockdown, people could walk past it. We thought that this could offer a creative way that art would remain accessible even though governments would place down restrictions on a minutes notice.


Each weekend of the summer of 2020 we gave a new artist a pop-up expo space in the gallery while simultaneously announcing them virtually. And so Virtual/Vitrine was born! After a successful and enthusiastically received first edition, Maya & Raf continued the story for a 2nd season. Stay tuned for more!

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